Can't stop making stuff.

It's what I do for fun. Instead of consume media, I find myself preferring to create something of my own.

My latest project is called Mages.

It's a really fun card game that I have been helping my friend Dallin Gunther to develop. It takes our favorite elements from other tabletop games and kind of combines them.

We just started last Wednesday on Kickstarter and we're already at 24% of our $9500 goal.

Check it out:

Mages on Kickstarter

now of Normal Games Co.

My Personal Manifesto

You know the faint aroma of skunk-spray that sometimes seeps into your car as you drive down the freeway? It’s the kind of smell that puts hair on the chest, so to speak. It’s a complex musk that turns most people off. And I actually enjoy it. I guess you could say that I can perceive the beauty in things that are often misunderstood. Or I just like gross stuff. Either way, it’s unique, right?

I get excited by unexpected chord changes in otherwise unoriginal pop songs. That’s because I believe that creativity thrives under constraints. I mean, have you ever listened to Pet Sounds? Each song is like a pocket-sized symphony. I’m more affected by something familiar with a surprising twist than I am by something altogether new and unusual. And if you have an interesting message to share, why not boil it down into something concise and manageable? Pocket symphonies.

I want to start my own business someday, but I never want to be my own boss. I do my best work when I know that someone else is invested in my performance. It’s like the difference between making a 3-point basket when I’m just practicing alone and making a 3-pointer when the whole game is depending on it. Both bring me happiness. But the second one brings a lot more happiness for more people. And makes the losers sad, which I think is OK. Maybe they’ll practice harder.

Metaphors aside, I really do have a pretty mean shot from behind the arc. I love complex flavors and odors. And every day is its own little symphony.

Fabled Fans

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