My Personal Manifesto

You know the faint aroma of skunk-spray that sometimes seeps into your car as you drive down the freeway? It’s the kind of smell that puts hair on the chest, so to speak. It’s a complex musk that turns most people off. And I actually enjoy it. I guess you could say that I can perceive the beauty in things that are often misunderstood. Or I just like gross stuff. Either way, it’s unique, right?

I get excited by unexpected chord changes in otherwise unoriginal pop songs. That’s because I believe that creativity thrives under constraints. I mean, have you ever listened to Pet Sounds? Each song is like a pocket-sized symphony. I’m more affected by something familiar with a surprising twist than I am by something altogether new and unusual. And if you have an interesting message to share, why not boil it down into something concise and manageable? Pocket symphonies.

I want to start my own business someday, but I never want to be my own boss. I do my best work when I know that someone else is invested in my performance. It’s like the difference between making a 3-point basket when I’m just practicing alone and making a 3-pointer when the whole game is depending on it. Both bring me happiness. But the second one brings a lot more happiness for more people. And makes the losers sad, which I think is OK. Maybe they’ll practice harder.

Metaphors aside, I really do have a pretty mean shot from behind the arc. I love complex flavors and odors. And every day is its own little symphony.

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  1. Well, Tombigbee, I like the new bloggy threads and I like your post! Do you think that distant skunk-smell resembles that of french fries?

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