Check it and see!

I've got a non-fever of ninety-seven-point-three!

Yes, flirtles and turtles, homies and gnomies. My blog has arrived, and with it I shall update the world on my post-mission escapadings!

Observe as I metamorphose from RM (type1) to RM (type2):
Returned Missionary
Reesty Mullet!So far so grood.

I am currently employed with Skywalker Holdings, LLC. as a warehouse-kinda-type. I ship people replacement trampoline parts.

Feel free to ask me if I do demonstrations or testing of the trampolines.

5 responses to “Check it and see!

  1. Wow, I didn't know Grandma Bea's wig was still kicking around. ;) Welcome back to the intertubes.

    Do you do trampoline demonstrations? I'd love to see a peanut roll.

  2. holy crap! awesome bloggyness. loving the layout. p'raps you can halp me with a new one.

  3. no. i don't do demonstrations! however a peanut roll is available in your local supermarket, in the little candy section by the checkout.

  4. I was invited to join your blog by a computer!

  5. I want a demonstration. I demand a demonstration.

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