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Hey everyone!

I got a new pair of top secret glasses for Clark's wedding. Mom didn't want me wearing the tape-ridden pair (available for viewing in the previous post.)

The frames were only $20, thanks to Dallin's sister working at the eye place. She showed me the box of old "out of style glasses", which I thought was more of a cardboard treasure chest! TRAISURE!!!


Well in other news, Tim Eaton is home from his mission. It was great to see the old bean. As Tim, Chad, Dallin, and myself all sat at the kitchen counter of the Eaton residence, enjoying lemon cream cheese pie and delightful conversation, I couldn't help but be grateful for having the kind of friends that make a man want to be real upstanding-like.

And thus concludes the Post with the Most, of the Blog with the Grog, sincerely, the Guy with the Eye.

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