Bloooooggin'... on a Sunday Afternoon

Hey every bunny! In case you haven't seen me within the past couple months... NEW New Glasses.

Me, enjoying the company of my mission quilt. Thanks, Mom!*
Tons of girls have expressed adoration in it's general direction.

I have decided that maybe I could update my blog every Sunday and that it would be a good use of my Sabbath. So that's no "update guarantee," but as Dad used to say, "It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick." Which if that happened, would lead to another Dad-ism, "That's life Out West."

So yesterday, We--Dallin, his dad, Rhiannon, Caroline, Andrew, and myself--went fossil hunting out past Delta, Utah. The Gunther men had matching camouflage pants, because as you know, those fossils can get pretty flighty when they feel threatened. Luckily there were no injureis or misfired shots.

Just kidding, fossils are easy to hunt because they come pre-dead. We were specifically in the niche market of Trilobites. I found probably 10 decent specimens. Nothing to write home about, but plenty to blog about! Here's a picture of my favorite. He's my favorite because I found him in two pieces, and for some reason I think that is better than if he had been in one piece.
Val (Dallin's dad) even took us out to dinner at the One Man Band diner in Nephi afterwards. Thanks, Val!* I still don't understand how that one man was able to take our order, cook it, and clean up after us when we left. All while chewing gum and walking.

Anyway, I got a wicked sunburn. That's two weeks in a row. Last week's were just starting to peel. Zoinks. Luckily this time, we have aloe vera. Thanks, Julia!*

Mom came down here this week. We met Kathy and her little crusaders for some tantalizing NEW CHINA BUFFETINGS. I then ran to my car, wrote a paper for my Doctrine and Covenants class, then sped to BYU. I was lucky to find a spot in the visitor's section across from the Wilk. I was still tardy, but other than that I got full points for the paper.

Speaking of the little crusaders (Alice and Ollie) I babysat them this week while Kathy spiffied up the house. It was surprisingly fun! Luckily I had taken a spontaneous 5 hour nap directly previous, or I doubt I would have had the endurance requisite for such an undertaking. I have a newfound respect for moms in general, and in specific, Kathy. I was also privileged to be the Grill meister and cook up some nice bratwurst. That brought me back to my mission days. Thanks, Campbells!*

On Friday, we conned some girls from our ward into giving us all free haircuts. They did a spectacular job, especially considering their lack of prior experience. Thanks, Bethany!*

Well thanks for reading! Here's to another great week in the shadow of the World's Largest Single Concrete Letter.

*NOTE: the "Thanks, Proper Noun!" format is the joint property of Promontory, UT and is not to be used in whole or in part without express written consent from the village council.

5 responses to “Bloooooggin'... on a Sunday Afternoon

  1. Glad to hear everything's treating you well, amigo. Thanks, Tom[1], for a well-written update.

    [1]: Thanks to a recent IP merger with the city of Promontory, UT and Vancouver, BC the "Thanks, {P.Noun}!" format can now be used by mysterious Vancouverites.

  2. Fantabulous posty and thanks for the helps and mentions! We had lots of fun with ya. I am jealous of your paleontological excursions - sounds like a hootenanny.

  3. Faris, you're gonna need to run that past Winnie Richman, Promontory's resident BE News Journal columnist.

    Kathy, no problem! and... It was! I'll have to show you my fossils.

  4. Wow. That's a lot of info. Can we still call sometimes???

  5. This from DAD.

    "I thought I wuz yer fossil"

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