I'm home for the weekend for General Conference.

Marisa Roch came with. She laid in a hammock for the first time.

Brigham City is getting a temple! (I call dibs on the first wedding. I'll just have to make sure to plan things out perfectly...)

We had french dip for lunch. (Not to mention the Ghost-Berry Fluff!)

Dallin, Leslie, Marisa and I tried to play Frisbee in a tornado.

I helped my dad put a barn door up.

My mom has a scary ringtone. "Funky Donkey!" (shrugs shoulders)

We played Clue last night. It was Miss Peacock with the Rope in the Lounge. If you know what I mean.

Like, half of the talks have been directed straight at me.

I am gonna do better.

I am gonna be a better student.

I am gonna make sure that every day I can answer the question, "Who did you help today?"

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  1. Holy italics. Sounds like a good time! That's pretty awesome about your wedding plans!

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