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Audrey texted me last night, chastising me for my not updating the blog on Sunday. In my defense, it was possibly the busiest Sunday since my mission. I had a lot of meetings and meals to attend. Not complaining, either. But it also made me realize that maybe people really do care about me and what I've been up to for the past week.

I was going to hurry and throw in an update around midnight last night. Right as I was heading to Blogger to get things underway, I heard the friendly popping noise that indicates a new mail message was in my inbox. Of course I read the message. It was from a guy named Brian, asking all the members of the Political Science 201 course if the paper on Plato's Republic was due on Monday in class. This sparked my curiosity since the professor had not mentioned this paper at all. But, I went and looked at the course syllabus, and there it was: a 3 page exposition on Plato... due October 12th. So I cranked out a substandard paper in two hours. And found out this morning that the due date has been extended until the 19th. I am really happy about that, because now I have a really solid rough draft.

This week was really great actually. The definite highlight was the Battle of the Bands at Weber State on Friday. We (Dallin, Tim, and myself) drove up to Brigham City around noon. This gave us time to have a solid practice with our drummer, Taylor. We packed everything up, stopped in D.I. for awhile, then headed to Ogden. We stopped by Seth Durfee's poetry reading, also at Weber State. We were late though, so we missed his poetry. We were in time for some INTENSE prose about molestation. It was good to see Seth and his parents though. Solid gold people.

Anyway, lots of people came to support us at the battle. Audrey and my parents were there just in time to see us melt some faces. Caroline brought her friend Sara Jo. She also won an iPod in the drawing. And she also spent the night avoiding the flirtations of a guy in blue flannel. It was awesome. Rhiannon arrived in time to see us, but thought she was lost. I snuck her in the back entrance. We played pretty well and ended up in second place. We scored a bag of M&Ms. I was glad the band that got first place won, because they donated all the money they won back to the charity who was sponsoring the event. Kudos to "With Hearts of Lions". They are also solid gold.

Other than that, I am keeping up in school. My programming projects aren't as hard as they are time-consuming. The key seems to be just trudging through them like an intergalactic mercenary through the swamps of Planet Grunklebapp.

Speaking of that planet, Dawna Nye and I were talking about outer space. I said that my spaceship was entirely staffed but a sub-race of slaves, known as Spacebears™. It was an enjoyable conversation. However, imagine my glee when I was presented with this beautiful work of art:
I have a newfound respect for these noble creatures after seeing the likeness of one in stunning technicolor! Note the gold claws.

Well that about does it for me. Movies that I enjoyed this week: Emperor's New Groove (it had been forever... still hilarious), and Time After Time (H.G. Wells travels to the 1970's in pursuit of Jack the Ripper and falls in love with a woman of the future! also hilarious and awesome!)

I love you all... thanks for catching up with me!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Tom! Haha my bear is very pleased with this. Also, sorry I couldn't have made the "Battle of the Bands" portion of this blog. I am deeply envious of those who did.

  2. Nice post! Keep them comin! I will remind you if you don't, though. But you already knew that.

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