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Lemme start with a nice vignette from today's happenings. I was trying (not succeeding) to take a nap on the love seat, when I heard my phone ring. I woke up and found that it was a message from Deb Hunter. She is my dental hygienist. She was in town visiting family and said that if I came over to her mom's house, she could remove the stitches from my mouth. (I'll explain the stitches, don't worry--keep reading) So I drove to the west side of provo and knocked on the door. I was ushered in, and then I introduced myself to the grandma: "Hi! I'm Tom. I'm here to get my stitches out."

Deb pulled out a chair in the dining room and told me to lean my head back. I did so, and she began to poke around with her stitch-removal scissors. She asked her daughter to bring a flashlight over to illuminate things. But she was way too grossed out by it all to do so. So I ended up holding a cell-phone by my mouth, using the little light on the phone to help Deb cut out the rest of the stitches. Overall, a pain-free and extremely unique experience.


"The Reason Tom Had Stitches In His Mouth"

I had my wisdom teeth removed the Tuesday before last. I only had 2 that needed removal, the top-left and the bottom-right. They came out with not too much coercion from Dr. Sutton. I was numb and happy as a clam. I felt good enough, so I drove from Birgham City to Provo right afterward. When I got to Provo, I made sure to take my Loritab. The bottle said "Take 1 to 2 every 4-6 hours." And I, not being a lover of pain, decided I would go with the 2 Pills every 4 Hours plan.

I woke up the next morning with little pain to speak of. Things were going splendid. I got up, checked my e-mail, then ambled into the kitchen to forage for breakfast. As I was standing there, I began to feel very sick to my stomach. nothing sounded good to eat. I stepped over to the fridge to see if there was anything in there to calm my troubled tummy. The next thing I knew, I was very cold. I opened my eyes, and I was sprawled out on the kitchen floor. For a moment, I couldn't really remember anything, then I remembered where I was and what I was doing there. I crawled back to my room and got in bed. I spent the rest of the day horizontal, because everytime I sat up or walked around, the dizziness returned. My parents were awesome enough to drive down to help me recover. With a priesthood blessing from my dad and my roommates, and a delicious sandwich from Smith's, the problems dissipated within a few hours.

So that's been the excitement around these parts.

Dallin and I have been playing the roles of troubadours lately, playing an acoustic gig on Friday at the BYU Illustrator's Showcase (to rave reviews from all the middle aged attendees) and tonight at the Seville Retirement Home in Orem (to rave reviews from the aged residents). It has been really fun to see people smile and enjoy our songs.

School is going really well. I have 2 group projects that I am working on, and that I am really excited for.

1. For advertising class, my group has been assigned to make a complete ad campaign for marketing the Chevy Volt (their upcoming electric car) to 18-25 year olds.

2. For Mass Communications, my group is making and maintaining a blog/email list. We chose the name The Sounding Board and it will focus on music, local and international. It should start to take off this week. The URL is http://thesoundingboard.7h.com

There's tons of other stuff going on as well, but I think this gives a good flavor. I am enjoying life and I feel really blessed to have all the opportunities I do, and to know so many wonderful people.

Thanks for reading!

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