Back in Black!

After a wonderful Christmas vacation, I am back down here in Provo getting educated s'more. Over the break, I went skiing with Clark and Kjerstin at Brighton. The snow was actually really good. Clark's dental school buddy, Seth, came along and we all had a killer good time.  Christmas day was wonderful. We had the whole family together for the first time in years. We also had a successful and relaxing Brinton family party in Park City. Also, over the break, Audrey had a great New Year's Eve party at her house. And, me and my bandies, well, we got a lot of recording done for our upcoming rock'n'roll super-album. Sweet!!!

But the real news here is my first week of classes. It has been awesome. I am taking 17 credits which I thought might be crazy because I struggled with 14 credits last semester. But, while my semester might not be less work intensive, the classes are much more engaging and exciting. Therefore I am willing to work harder.  I am taking 3 classes to prepare me for applying to the Advertising major. They are Mass Communication, Media Writing, and Intro to Advertising. So far the professors and the classes have been tremendously interesting and enjoyable.  I think advertising will be a good direction for me to go because it satisfies my desire to work in creative multimedia, while providing me with opportunities to work with and meet lots of people.

The other courses I am taking also seem really exciting so far. I am taking 2 music courses, Composition and University Chorale.  In my composition class, we will get to hear 2 of our pieces played by an instrumental quintet.  I am pretty stoked for that. I'm in choir with Tim which is fun. I decided to be a tenor instead of a bass (since I already know I can sing low... I would like to improve at singing high.)

I am also taking a great Geology 101 course from one of Val Gunther's buddies and a Doctrine and Covenants course from one of my mission president's buddies.

Looks like it is shaping up to be a good semester.  My new years' resolutions should contribute to an improved academic life. I was told that I am more likely to keep them if I share them with others...  here they are so you can keep me in line:

* Be more proactive with my calling.
* Go to bed by midnight on school nights.
* Don't get on facebook around bed time.
* Use my cool little planner.
* Release a CD that me and my band can be proud of.
* Keep dating regularly. (Don't give up!)

If you can think of other areas where I need to improve, keep it to yourself. This should be enough to keep me busy.

Thanks for reading!

Catch y'uns later.

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the update. Be assured that I am still reading regularly.

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