Just like a shadow, comin' round the corner...

So I have been told that my blog doesn't have enough pictures. To remedy the situation, I will attempt to describe my week using only pictures.

Talking points:

I played a BYU Intramural B-ball game. As you can tell, we lost...

On Friday Night, I went on a group date. I took my friend Bethany.

First we went to Gloria's Little Italy, a fantastic little Italian place on Center and University.

Then we watched "Love Stories in the Stars", the Valentine's Day show at the BYU Planetarium:

This week, we finished up recording vocal tracks on our album.

It sounds pretty awesome! WE are excited to release it this Friday at our show:

On Saturday, I met a bunch of mission buddies for lunch. It was great to see them, plus three converts from Wisconsin were there visiting!! It was really great.  I found out that another one of my companions is engaged. I'm really falling behind here!

On Sunday, we went to Lisa Jensen's mission farewell in Mapleton. It was great, especially that awkward part where you go to their family's house (none of whom you know) and eat all their food and leave. The more I do it the easier it gets.

I kept my pals entertained with the Fortune Teller Miracle Fish that I won awhile ago at the Nickel-cade:

I hope you enjoyed the Tom Brinton Dramatized Week in Review™©®

I know I did!

Oh and let's not forget our visit from the Valentine's Day Rappers.

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  1. You are looking pretty great in the recording picture. Black is definitely your color! :)Hey I'm going to link your blog to mine ok? I figure you won't care, but I wanted to tell you so I wouldn't be a stalker.... anymore. :)

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