Yeah, this here blog's got feelings too.

And how I have neglected it.

I'm sorry, blog. Sorry, loyal followers. You should expect more from me. Oh well, apologizing to the internet is lame.

Boy howdy, I got some fun things for you.

Let's start here:

This was the conclusion to an excellent Sunday dinner with my Home teachees, Yu Pei, Juliana, and Angela. Yu Pei taught us how to make homemade Taiwanese style dumplings- a.k.a. Pot Stickers. They were delicious! It was an excellent time. Dallin and I got pretty good with our chopsticks, to the point of consuming a dairy dessert with them. MAXIMUM CULTURED!

Speaking of culture, Saturday saw me at a Band Practice, a Heritage Theatre Production of Bye Bye Birdie (featuring the incomparable work of one Caroline Kennedy), and lastly and non-leastly, the Utah Symphony at Abravanel Hall. 

Now before you assume I'm Grade-A Fancy, we were given free tickets. I took my friend Karen. It was a  group date, (there were 8 of us total) and we enjoyed dinner at the Pie Pizzeria afterward. It was quite the awesome night!

Things are well with my band, Atl Atl. We are adjusting to life without Tim. Dallin got a bass for hid birthday and he has been picking up the slack for sure. We are writing some new songs and we are excited to play a concert on the 19th in Logan.

Music recommendation of the Week: THE GENERATIONALS I discovered these guys on the Amazon $5 MP3 album list. It's totally worth the five bucks. Go listen if you care.

My classes are exciting and the projects are demanding but rewarding. One of my projects is a Music Blog (go subscribe to it, the more people = the higher grade I get). The other project is an ad campaign for the Chevy Volt. Once we get some ads together, I will share the results.

This week will bring new challenges to us all. Let's kick some butt and chew some bubblegum!

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  1. I need more Frodo Bloggins!!!!

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