Calling all Chums

So many great things have happened recently, that I am almost nervous to blog about it. I might forget something.

These are not necessarily in chronological order, but they have all happened in the last couple of weeks.

I finished my finals and did reasonably well on them. After finals, I spent a few days in Brigham City. My new videocamera came, and it is awesome!

It was a grand time chillin' with the parents. Also, a bunch of friends came up from Provo. We went to the Logan Temple, and then M&D treated us to a BBQ Saturday night.

This week has also brought me some wonderful blessings.

Atl Atl was chosen at the Music 123 Band of the Week.

I got the job that I applied for at Classical 89. I will be producing things for on-air usage and just helping out around the stations.

I got 4 A's and 2 B+'s. My best semester yet!

And I got a sweet tape deck at DI, because we are recording an acoustic album and I wanted to give our recordings an old-school vibe.

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  1. And you didn't visit me... And you were in Logan...

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