T-Bone Brinton Rides Again!!!

Some of you thought I might be dead.

Others just hoped.

Regardless of your viewpoint, I am glad you are here to get a little flavor for what life has brought me in the last month.

Firstly, I'd like to tell you about my job. I am working for Classical 89, KBYU-FM. I love working in Radio. Every day is a different story, a different idea to bring to life. For example, I got an e-mail just this morning telling me I should find a Native American who has an instrument that is a family heirloom. That's like, something I would do anyway!

I have had opportunities to interview conductors, musicians, actresses, officials, and friends. I enjoy going to work everyday and trying to tell stories on the air that will affect people. I had a story go on air yesterday about my friend April, whose mom used to sing each kid in their family a special song when they were sad. After that, we played Gershwin's Lullaby. Last night, a girl in my ward said she was listening and it almost brought tears to her eyes. I think radio is a powerful medium, because it allows listeners to engage their imaginations. I don't doubt that many people imagined their own mothers singing to them as they listened. So I think that is what I like about it.

Exciting news, Chad Turner's wedding was today. Tim came down and we went to their beautiful sealing and had lunch at Ruby River. I am really happy for him and Emily.

Other than work, my life is rather chill. I am not doing classes this semester. I have found some projects to work on. A band called Bittersweet Bluegrass asked me to record some songs for them, so I have been practicing my recording skills and reading lots of books on recording and mixing. (The BYU library is an amazing resource. Yet this is the first time I've ever checked out any books.)

It has been hot lately, compounded by the fact that we here in apartment 115 are too cheap to turn on the Air conditioning. I have been getting used to being a sweaty betty though.

It has been weird not having Kathy and Tyler around. I miss those guys, but I bet they are the toast of Durham.

I think that's enough news for now... I have obviously skipped quite a bit, but I know these blog entries need to tailor to the internet reader's attention span. (I've probably already outwritten it.)

Adios, muchachitos!

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  1. Sounds like you are living an exciting life!

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