Blogging under Pressure

I received an urgent message on my phone the other day. It was Kjerstin Brinton. She said, "Tom update your blog. That is all."

I don't operate well under peer pressure. Although... Kjerstin is so awesome that I could hardly be considered her peer.

So here goes.

I have really let stress get to me these past couple weeks. New classes, new ward, still working, not to mention projects that were always somewhere in my mind.

One of the projects was finishing the E.P. that the band has been working on. Oh by the way, we officially changed our name from 'Atl Atl' to 'Bearcats'. Yep. Don't try to change our minds.

The other project that has been really worrying me is my application to the advertising program. I have finished most of the written portion, and we filmed the commercial tonight. I think it will turn out great.

I am really grateful for my friends. I came up to campus to film the video. I was just feeling like I wanted it to be over with as quickly as possible. It was the wrong attitude.

After a few scenes, I started to realize that Dallin and Tim and Tracee were being totally awesome to help me. And they were more excited to film than I was. So I decided to start having fun with it. And it should be pretty killer material. I'll post the video when it's done. (It's due friday!!)

I wish I had some pictures to put up here to break the monotony. But I have the monopoly on monotony.

I'll end with a quick write up on Labor Day.

First of all, I was wondering this year what we are celebrating on Labor Day. Our jobs? The period of time right before women give birth? No one could give me a straight answer.

So I just Wikipedia'ed it and it looks like the government made it up to appease the masses after a bunch of people died in a big labor union strike.

Anyway. It was the best labor day ever. I went on a hike up the canyon, saw Scott Pilgrim, made cupcakes, and played an awesome show with Paper-Tron.

Hopefully one day I will find some pictures of all this stuff.

Peaceful days!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only person begging you to blog! Hope everything with the video goes grandly.

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