This is a test!

Just kidding. This isn't a test.

You're a test.

So there!


Um this week was great! In order to more effectively confuse my readers, I shall endeavor to work backwards through the events of this week!

Sunday night - I went home-teaching, and was home-taught right before that.

Before that, I had the best trip to the mailbox ever. It began innocently enough. I grabbed the mail key and it's attached dream-catcher keychain (Thanks Dad!), and headed for the pool area. I'm not sure why our mailbox is next to the pool...but it does make it easy to inconspicuously check out the babes while pretending to check out the mail. Anyway, I opened our little box. The usual items came out first: the coupons, the Macey's ad, Drew's mysterious bills, then what should my eyes behold but a letter to me from BYU! I hastily opened the letter and found that it was a check for $750. "Hot dang," I thought to myself, "How could this trip to the mailbox get any better?" It probably couldn't. I didn't see any more mail in there, but I thought I would stick my hand in there just to make sure. And I felt a package! From Argentina! Mom's present that I was hoping would arrive before Tuesday! Truly a postal grand slam.

Before that we had a delicious lunch at April Meservy and Ashely Thayn's house. We played pick-up-sticks and then we played them a few songs on our guitars. Then April played us some songs. Check out her stuff Oh by the way, I won at pick-up-sticks. I got a certificate.

Let's see... before that... hmmmm (this is kind of hard... I hope it isn't too confusing).

Church was great. It was ward conference and the theme was attending the temple, something I need to improve on. The munch and mingle afterward was my favorite Church food--the infamous potato bar!

Saturday evening brought a very spook-tacular event. Even the Murder Mystery Dinner o' Doom! My assigned character was the Mummy, Pharaoh Aldrinktotat. I suspected myself all along, but in the end, it was Madame Garlique, pseudo-clairvoyant played by Breckann. Dallin was the Prince of Dimness. Other characters included Glumda the depressed witch and Angela Deth, D.D.S.

Before that, I helped Bethany make some dry-ice root beer. It was the first time either of us had bought dry-ice! We're all grown up.

Saturday afternoon I cleaned up a bit and recorded a song with Dallin's new guitar amp. Here are some of the words:

I wish I'd kept a journal all these years,
So I could read about how much I've changed
Just like you said I had.

And all my irrational fears
would be there in black and white
for me to come up against.

Saturday morning had it's own special joys. Free blue pancakes from BYU. And the best parade of my life. I found that parades are far more enjoyable when you involve yourself in it as much as possible. As the distinguished alumni rode by, I would read their name from the side of the car, wait until they had just passed, then yell their name at the top of my lungs. When they looked back, I would point and say various things like "You're number one!" or "Hey! It's me, Tom!" Their responses were just as varied, from confused looks to wide grins.

Friday night, I went on a semi-blind date. We hit up the BYU Homecoming Spectacular... truly an amazing production. Lots of work went into that one. We ate at Wendy's, then watched Newsies (one of my secret film favorites-don't you tell anyone).

That about covers the exciting part of my week. The previous days were filled with classes, labs, and papers....LOTS of papers. Dallin and I did buy our own ping pong paddles though. And our own balls, since there are never any in the lounge.

Last time we went to the lounge to play ping pong, there was only one ball, and it was broken. We scotch taped it back together, but it didn't really bounce that well. (I only mention that to save you the trouble of ever trying it.)

Once again, your patience and endurance in having read to this point shows that you are a true friend. Thanks!

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  1. Sounds like a great week! Did you really order Mom's present from Argentina?

  2. Now you can text Auds and Kathy and Clark to chastise them.

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