No Class

Well my political science class was canceled, allowing me some time to update my blog.

I'll probably keep the post brief today because I have some studying I need to do, but I will endeavor to give an accurate account of my week. It was a good one!!!

Monday night I was lucky enough to be able to carve pumpkins for FHE, as well as go to Kathy and Tyler's house for Alice's official birthday celebration. I gave her a castle from Honk's $1.00. Which I had bought on accident a week earlier... because I broke it in the store, while playing with the front doors. Don't worry, the doors are meant to snap on and off. But I still felt bad, so I bought it. Anyway, it came in real handy for the birthday bash! To quote Tyler, "Serendipitous!"

Tuesday brought it's own special joys! It was Mom's 50th birthday bash at Audrey's house, and yee-haw, what a bash it was. The house was decorated to the 9's ... and beyond! I was the official brew-meister for the occasion. My rootbeer garnered accolades from all who partook. In the spirit of internet file-sharing, I will provide you with the Official Recipe for Tom's Lo-Fiz Root Drink™:

4 Gallons of Water
One bottle of Hire's Root Beer Extract
4 pounds of Sugar
One Bear full of honey (about 12 oz), melted to liquid-ness
1/3 to 1/2 cup of Mexican Vainilla--to taste.

Mix all these ingredients together in a large washtub or Gatorade cooler. Break 5 lbs of dry ice into smaller chunks and add. Loosely place the lid on the cooler and let the magic happen.

Well, it was a great night. Mmm hmmm.

The rest of the week's highlights included our Intramural game (Co-ed basketball) and playing racquetball with Breckann and Bethany. They are pretty good!

This weekend Dallin and I journeyed to the Northlands for some good ole-fashioned datin'! On Friday nite, I got hooked up with Dallin's girl-friend's roommate, Alex. She was really nice. I wouldn't say we exactly clicked, but I did my best to be a fun date. We went to Panda Express, the USU basketball game, and then to Taylor and Shauna's for pumpkin carving and watching the Village. Our pumpkin was a T-Rex. Dallin and Katy did a nice penguin (with sunglasses), Taylor did a classic jack-o-lantern, and Shauna did an owl's face. Good times.

Saturday morning we had band practice and put together a new song... afternoon. As per tradition, here are some lines from it.

What a mindless way to waste an afternoon, Just running And screaming, And rolling up the loose ends. (And tying them off.)

After that, we hit up DI (I got a nice v-neck sweater and oxford shirt.) and Taco Time. Observe the combo which I donned this morning:

Then we loaded up all of our gear (sans Taylor's drums) into the Camry. Boy was she FULL.

I had the afternoon to myself, and so recorded my own bluegrass rendition of The Ghost of Tom to send to Alice. I hear she liked it!

That evening I went over to Rhiannon's house and had some dinner, including Kim Chi Soup. That's not the official name, but it was this really good Korean soup, which was spicy enough that I had to put it on rice. Rhi was fine without rice though. Trooper.

Well, after taking our picture with two trick-or-treaters dressed in U of U and BYU costumes, and scoring free scones from the neighbors, we made our way back up to Logan for the USU production of Sweeney Todd! Caroline Kennedy was in it, and let me just say: It was a wonderful production. The set design was amazing, the music was great, and the story was quite engrossing. hee hee... en GROSS ing. Afterwards we got some McDonald's sundaes and visited and played guitar.

It was pretty late by the time we left, so Dallin and I modified our plans and decided to stay the night in Brigham City. We went to the BC single's ward the next day, and also enjoyed the CES fireside by Dieter Uchtdorf. It was a wonderful sermon, equal parts spiritually deep and wonderfully light-hearted. I love that man!

Rhi and Caro and I spent a little while together and had Rocky Road Brownies and Melted Tuna-and-Cheeses. Dallin and I stayed surprisingly awake on the trip back down to Provo, thanks to a little musical help from the All-American Rejects' first album (their good album...) We got back at about midnight, only to find Tim was in the shower. Classic Timmy.

After a good night's rest, that brings us to where I am this morning. Sitting on the mod couches in front of B002, JFSB, BYU, UT, USA. Over and Out!

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  1. Another week jam-packed with epic adventures!

    We love the Tom version of "The Ghost of Tom" and listen to it all the time!

    See you any minute!

  2. Tommy Tom, love your new demo on FB! Don't forget to keep us updateeeed on the blooooooog. Oh and also you are featured on my blog. Word.

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