Have an update!

Hey all!

I thought I would take a few minutes today to update the old blog. And so I will!

Well, the band has played quite a few concerts recently. We played last weekend at the BYU battle of the bands, last Tuesday at the Muse Music Battle of the Bands, and then last night at the Basement in Ogden (See below Image). Needless to say we had tons of fun, but are a little burned out on live shows for awhile. I was happy to see lots of my friends and loved ones at the concerts. It's always nice to feel supported. Thanks, guys.

Yesterday brought our Pretty Great State some pretty white snow. I woke up to the sound of Drew's exclamatory voice. The reason he was so excited was the fact that we had an ultimate frisbee game that morning, and the ground was covered with snow. It was pretty cold, especially the pain of catching a cold frisbee with cold hands. We won our game. That means we are going to the championship game next Wednesday. Intramural Champion T-shirt, here I come!

Things are going pretty well with school, although I have yet to decide what I want to major in. To help me with this, I signed up for a career and major interest test which will hopefully help me narrow down what I want to do. I feel like I could study many different disciplines and enjoy it, however the thing that concerns me is what my final career will be. I want to do something enjoyable, challenging, and fulfilling. Any advice is freely welcomed!

Thanks for catching up with me. Let's make it a great week! (cheesy smile)

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  1. Hey, Tom. Sweeeet new Indian Chief and eagle in the moonlight motif. Glad you got your stitches out.

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