So I found out that more people read this blog than I had imagined! Sorry for not posting in awhile.

I will blame school for this.

"School, it is your fault. For shame!"

There, that was easy!

Things are just as action-packed and exciting as I've always pretended they are!  To spare you too many details of the past few weeks, I will give a short recap.

Thanksgiving was great, of course.  We had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Brinton's house in Brigham City.

The next day, I helped put up walls in Audrey and Chris' basement.  The recoil of the nailgun hit my cell phone (which was in my pants pocket) and cracked the screen. But wait! Before you start crying--it still works just the same, but now has a cool spiderweb effect on the glass. Spider-phone!

{my corndogs are done! one moment please...}

{Ok! that was delicious...}

Let's see... I watched BYU beat U of U and have been hearing about it ever since from disgruntled Ute fans.

Last weekend we went to go see the band Rooney play in SLC. On the way up there, we met Dawna Nye at IKEA in Draper and got some Lingonberry juice (my fave...mixed with Sierra Mist... oh baby!)  Anyway, we headed to downtown SLC and about a mile before the exit, I remember that I forgot to bring my and Dawna's tickets!! AHH!!! Luckily my roommate Drew is a legend. He met us halfway at Thanksgiving Point and handed off the tickets. We made it back just in time to catch all of Rooney's set. They were great!

Here's one of their songs if you are interested:


Other fun outings included going to the First Presidency Christmas devotional last Sunday. I went with my friend Carrie, and we had an awesome time. We even scored free parking in the Marriot parking garage.

Well I guess I better get back to studying... because... that's what I do with my spare time.... (Jedi hand wave)

Side note: Speaking of Jedi's, today in my Doctrine and Covenants class, a guy compared Joseph Smith to Obi Wan Kenobi, specifically referencing the line, "If you strike me down, Darth Vader, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." Ha ha. Oh, BYU.

Another Side note: Lots of weird dreams lately. Hiding in a futuristic diner, Planning a revolt during the Industrial revolution, playing for the Packers, you name it--I've probably dreamed it. If not, I'll make sure I get to it soon.

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  1. Tom! What a marvelous blog update! I had no idea you liked Rooney, and even got to go to their concert! I am super jealous! They rock my world...enough said. Glad you are keeping busy!

    -The Kjark

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