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The Finals Countdown.

I have lots to do these next few weeks.

Projects, Papers, and Other Duties to which I must Attend.

However, I am actually really excited for all of this. I feel like I am doing really well in my classes and keeping on top of things.

Last weekend was great! I got into the Saturday Morning session of General Conference which was a very good time. I sat with Dawna Nye, and we ate at ABC Mandarin afterward. Easter was wonderful as well. I got to hang out with Chris and Audrey and Molly, and then with Kathy and Tyler and Kids. It was some real quality time. Also I ate lots of Peeps.

I wore this new shirt today. I got it for 2 bucks at Gen X clothing. This will conclude today's entry because class is starting. 

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  1. Yay for Peeps! They're always in season!

  2. when do you want to have GAME NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA?

  3. Its the final countdown! Doodleoo-doo, doodleo-doo doo! Doodleoo-doo, doodleoo-doo doo-oooo doo!

    (That took my roommate and I like 5 min to type out. I hope you appreciate)

    Hooray for conference and ABC Mandarin!

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