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Hey loyal fanbase!

This week was intense beyond all imaginatin'.  I was up on Wednesday until about 3 a.m. finishing my group's Advertising Campaign book. It turned out really excellent. We got it professionally printed and bound and turned it in on Friday. Here's our "agency" logo:

It feels great to have that project off my chest, as well as my project for my other COMMS class. (The Sounding Board music review website) I decided I will keep doing interviews with local bands and posting them, because it is mutually beneficial. I get to know local bands, and they get publicity. Pretty sweet hookups!!

Speaking of sweet hookups, I met a really cool guy this week. His name is Steve Vistaunet, and he is the dad of my friend Talisa.  We were over at her house for her birthday party on Friday night, and we got to see his "man room." The walls were just covered with CDs and LPs as well as tons of action figures. We talked to him for quite awhile and he has met almost every band we could think of. He said we can come over anytime. Oh, and he also studied advertising at BYU and is doing well with it.

On saturday, I helped out a little bit at Kathy and Tyler's house. It is looking great! They already have a buyer and we are just doing lots of cosmetic stuff so that it passes all the inspections and everything. I will miss them a lot when they move, but I am also way excited for them to start a new chapter in Norht Carolina. I think it will be a big opportunity for them to grow.

Today we had stake conference. It was amazing. Pres. Schollenberger is an amazing, and inspired leader. He said the top 5 problems that we faced as BYU students are:

5. Lack of Knowledge
4. Fear
3. Lack of Testimony/Faith
2. Sin in our Lives
1. Apathy

I think apathy is something I struggle with.  I need to be more active in uplifting and serving others. Also, I recommitted to keep up my blog, and committed to start Indexing names for FamilySearch.

Thanks for catching up! Have a good week!

Now Tim and I are going to watch Amadeus.

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